It is easy to treat prostatitis at home!

Pumpkin seeds for prostatitis

There are some proven folk methods that will help treat prostatitis at home, following simple rules and using some effective recipes.

It's no secret that one of the main causes of prostatitis can be an infection that enters through the urethra. Therefore, it is necessary to fight it in the first place.

Since the use of antibiotics is undesirable, it may be replaced with regular onions. The recipe for preparing a healing infusion for the treatment of prostatitis is very simple.

Finely chop 100 g of onions, pour everything in about 0. 5 liters of dry grape wine and let it brew in a dark place for 10 days. Use the resulting infusion three times a day before meals, two tablespoons.

With pain symptoms, chamomile decoction is good, which is used in the form of warm baths, micro-enemas and compresses. When the period of aggravation has passed, you can practice a contrast bath of warm and cold water on the prostate and perineum.

Prostatitis in men is also treated with the help of chestnut shells, for this you should use dried chestnut shells with needles, brew and drink like regular tea.

Alcohol-colored horse chestnut skin is also used in folk medicine for inflammation of the prostate gland: dry skin is ground into powder, 25 g is taken, 250 ml of vodka is poured, insist for 1 month. Drink 10-15 colored drops, 2 times a day for 20 days. Then rest for 10 days and repeat the course of treatment.

Everyone's favorite parsley not only restores sexual function and relieves the inflammatory process, but can also cure prostatitis. It is enough to take a spoonful of parsley juice three times a day before meals, it is also useful to use powdered parsley seeds, which should be boiled in water for 15 minutes and drunk instead of tea.

Pumpkin gives good results in the treatment and prevention of prostatitis. This vegetable is amazing with a rich set of useful substances. The juicy pulp contains sugar - sucrose and glucose. In the yellow-orange type of plant, there is more carotene than in carrots.

To prevent prostatitis and adenoma: take 1-2 tbsp. l. pumpkin seeds crushed 2 times a day (morning and evening).

For the treatment of prostatitis and adenoma: eat 2-3 cups of seeds a day, add pumpkin porridge to the menu or drink pumpkin juice (2 tablespoons 3 times a day).

There are cases among people when old people are completely cured of prostate adenoma with the help of pumpkin seeds.

For the treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma, red root or kopeck is widely used. It can be used as an alcoholic tincture and as a decoction. Here are some recipes:

The broth is prepared as follows: 2 tablespoons. spoon of crushed red root, pour 1 liter of boiling water, strain the mixture in a thermos at night. Take the resulting infusion throughout the day.

Recipe for the preparation of alcoholic tincture of red root. This tool is effective for prostate adenoma and prostatitis. Colored provided as follows. Pour 50 g of crushed red root with 0. 5 liters of 40% alcohol. Steep for 3 weeks, stirring occasionally. Take 0. 5-1 teaspoon morning and evening.

According to many patients, infusions prepared according to this scheme help well with prostatitis and inflammation of the prostate gland.

Mix 1 tbsp. a tablespoon of crushed red root 0. 5 liters of boiling water. Then the solution must be kept in a water bath for 30 minutes and insisted for 2 hours. After that, the infusion should be filtered. Drink 1 glass 3 times a day for a month.

Herbal tea recipe based on red root, which, in combination with a healthy lifestyle and basic treatment, will help to achieve positive results. Tea has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, is very useful for prostate adenoma, and is also an excellent prophylaxis for all men over 40 years old.

You will need: red root (root), fireweed (leaf), birch chaga (fruiting body), St. John's wort (grass), celandine (grass). Mix the above ingredients in equal parts. Pour 2 tbsp. spoon mixture of 0. 5 liters of boiling water. Infuse for 2-3 hours, preferably in a thermos, filter. Drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day 20-30 minutes before meals, you can with honey.

Treatment of prostatitis with propolis

Propolis is considered an excellent folk remedy for the treatment of prostatitis, it quickly relieves symptoms and strengthens the immune system.

The duration of local treatment with propolis is individual. It is determined by the doctor. On average, from 5 days to two weeks, local therapy is carried out using rectal suppositories.

Suppositories are inserted into the rectum twice a day after initial bowel emptying and hygiene measures. Candles can be bought or ordered at a pharmacy, but you can also make them yourself.

How to make candles with propolis yourself?

To make suppositories with propolis at home, you need the ingredients. To prepare the base for the candle, take:

  • 80 g pharmacy vaseline;
  • 80 g of wax.
  • Lanolin or cocoa butter.

Melt all ingredients in a water bath. Then add 20 g of propolis extract to the liquid mass with thorough mixing. For a more even distribution of active propolis in the base, knead the mixture well.

Prepare your candle molds. It can be a cardboard torpedo shaped shape. Pour the resulting mass into it and put it in the cold. After the mass has hardened, wax can be used according to the doctor's recommendation. The same suppository is suitable for the treatment of the anorectal zone and rectal fissure.

bee pollen for prostatitis

Another bee product will help in the complex treatment and prevention of prostatitis. This is bee pollen. Fire therapists recommend taking 1-2 teaspoons of the drug, up to three times a day. To prevent this disease, doctors advise adding pollen to the diet, starting from the age of 40. One teaspoon a day is enough and you will bypass serious diseases such as prostatitis.

It is better to use pollen together with honey for preventive purposes. It is advisable to take this mixture in the morning, an hour before meals. After about three weeks, you need to take a short break, and then start taking pollen with honey again so that you don't get sick in the future.

Causes of prostatitis

The cause of prostatitis can be not only infections of the genitourinary system, but also hormonal disorders. Zinc contributes to the normalization and maintenance of optimal testosterone levels. This trace element, which is very important for the male body, is found in the aforementioned pumpkin seeds, berries, green vegetables, fruits, various seafood, and rice, milk, tomatoes, and beets are also rich in it.

Among other things, the cause of the disease can be an inactive lifestyle. The fact is that blood with insufficient circulation in the pelvic area can stagnate, which leads to inflammation of the prostate. This cause can be eliminated by walking and exercising in the morning every day.

Following the tips above, you can cure prostatitis independently at home, without resorting to medical or surgical intervention.