Experience of use Prostamin Forte

Experience using Prostamin Forte capsules from prostatitis Frank from Dusseldorf

Prostatitis almost destroyed my family

I am 38 years old and six months ago we finally married my girlfriend, after 5 years of engagement. We had never had a problem with sex before, we really loved each other and we were good together. But luckily, two months ago I started having health problems. First there is an excruciating pain in the lower abdomen, then it becomes difficult to urinate, as if there is something disturbing inside. Against the background of all this, I became angry, because I did not understand what was going on and still did not want to see a doctor. There are problems with sleep and, of course, with sex. My attractiveness has dropped to zero. My wife tried to support me and asked me to go to the doctor, and then, seeing my chills in bed, she decided that I had broken up with her and was dating another woman. I couldn’t share my problem with him, I’m embarrassed, apparently this only happens to the elderly. My marriage was on the verge of ruin.

How did I find out about Prostamin Forte

Prostamin Forte capsules in blisters

As soon as we chatted with a co -worker, he noticed that I looked bad. Suddenly I told him about my problem. He recommends looking at the official Prostamin Forte website, and says that he and his wife are on their second honeymoon thanks to this drug. I read component reviews, actual user reviews, doctor reviews. I like that the composition of this remedy for prostatitis is natural, from plant material and zinc. It also explains how to use and lists usage instructions. And I decided to give it a try, ordering my own capsules, three packs, to drink a full meal.

Reception results

I take one capsule daily. Within a few days I saw an improvement, the pain lessened, and I myself became calmer. A week later, I suddenly realized that I really wanted my wife and we had just had crazy sex. After a month, I fully recovered, and our sex life was back to normal. So, this capsule saved not only my health, but also my love.